Type, Ability, BST, and Move Changes

  • Magcargo's BST was increased by 100pts, and receives a new trapping ability aimed at killing radioactive types! Still trashed by Ground and Water types, however! The new ability is called Porous Rock.
  • Emboar, Samurott, Magmortar, and Electivire have their base speeds upped by 20 points each
  • Added about 50 BST to Dunsparce's normal stats, gave it Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Draco Meteor as level 1 moves, only accessible via Move Relearner
  • Added Gluttony and Simple and removed Blaze to Emboar's default abilities; Reckless remains as HA
  • Added Sniper and Defiant and removed Torrent to Samurott's default abilities; Shell Armor remains as HA
  • Added Shed Skin and Competitive and removed Overgrow to Serperior's abilities; Contrary remains as HA
  • Seaking is now Part Poison type
  • Liligant is now part Fairy type, has moves like Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam, and has 10 points added to its base Def and Sp. Def
  • Sandygast and Palossand now have an other possible ability: Drain Boost, and hidden Sand Veil, they also have a new BP 75, Radioactive type Signature move called Poisonous Drain. It will restore the user 1/2 hp of damage dealt.
  • Mega Tyranitar now receives Sand Rush
  • Beartic has about 50 BST added to its stats and still has the Slush Rush ability
  • Koffing is now (PSN/Radio)
  • Weezing is now (PSN/Radio)
  • Magmortar is now (Fire/Radio)
  • Torkoal is now (Fire/Radio)
  • Electivire is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Sandygast is now (Radio/Ground)
  • Palossand is now (Radio/Ground)
  • Electrode is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Voltorb is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Electrode is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Porygon Z is now (Normal/Radio)
  • Roggenrola is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Boldore is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Gigalith is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Vaporeon has Drizzle as a possible ability, scrapping Hydration
  • Glaceon has Snow Warning as a possible ability
  • Leafeon has Drought as a possible ability, scrapping Leaf Guard
  • Eevee receives Growth exclusively via move re-learner
  • Flareon Receives Agility via move re-learner
  • Jolteon now recieves Zap Cannon and Heat Wave via move re-learner
  • Glaceon receives Freeze-Dry via move relearner, Flash Cannon by TM
  • Leafeon, Braviary, Hawlucha, Aegislash and Staraptor all receive a new move called Gliding Strike. It acts like Sacred Sword. Is Flying type with 90 base power.
  • Leafeon will also receive a new, exclusive move called Sunburnt Blade

Grass type

90 BP 100 Acc 10-16 PP Physical

Effect: User takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of the damage caused. If Harsh Sunlight is in effect, the move becomes Fire type.

  • Espeon now receives Power Gem and Nasty Plot Via Move re-learner

Updated Evolution Methods

  • Magmar-> Magmortar: is now using a magmarizer
  • Electabuzz -> Electivire: is now using an electrizer
  • Eevee -> Sylveon: is now via Pixie Stone
  • Charjabug -> Vikavolt: level up at 32
  • Onix -> Steelix: is now using a Metal Coat on it
  • Slowpoke -> Slowking: is now level up holding a King's Rock
  • Spritzee -> Aromatisse: is now using Satchet on it
  • Swirlix -> Slurpuff: is now using Whipped Dream on it
  • Haunter -> Gengar: is now level up knowing Shadow Ball
  • Karrablast -> Escavaleir is now level up @ 30 in the Rain
  • Shelmet -> Accelgor is now level up @ 30 in the Rain
  • Scyther -> Scizor is now using a Metal Coat
  • Boldore -> Gigalith is now level up at 36
  • Graveler -> Golem is now level up at 36
  • Porygon -> Porygon2 is now using Upgrade on it
  • Porygon2 -> Porygyon Z is now using Dubious Disc on it
  • Machoke -> Machamp is now level up at 36
  • Alolan Vulpix -> Alolan Ninetales is now via Pixie Stone

New Mega Evolutions

  • Dunsparce -mevo-> (with a 200 BST increase) Recieves a Dragon/Flying Mevo with Delta Stream (because who doesn't love memes), and a few more moves to go along with its newfound typing
  • PZ is now normal/radioactive type - mevo-> radio type w/ Radiate (essentially the radioactive type pixilate)
  • Flareon (now has Drought) -mevo-> Sheer Force
  • Glaceon (now has the Snow Warning ability) -mevo-> Slush Rush
  • Vaporeon (now has the Drizzle ability) -mevo-> Swift Swim
  • Leafeon (now has Drought) -mevo-> Chlorophyll
  • Granbull -mevo-> Fairy/Ground (will work on making it... better)
  • Umbreon -mevo-> Early Bird
  • All eeveelutions ca now mega evolve!
  • Scrapping mega Spiritomb!
  • Gliscor -mevo-> Tough Claws
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